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lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

Pet Society - Livelli

Pet Society >>>Livelli

Level 1
Getting Started
Level 2
New Arrival
Basic Ball
Level 3
Basic Frisbee
Level 4
Playful Pet Basic Skipping Rope
Level 5
Fresh Face
Bigger House with two rooms, Portable TV
Level 6
Promising Prospect
Better Soap
Level 7
One To Watch
Better Ball
Level 8
Growing Talent
Better Brush
Level 9
High Achiever
Better Frisbee
Level 10
Popular Pet
Better Skipping Rope
Level 11
Influential Pet
Bigger House with three rooms, Digital TV
Level 12
Rising Star
Super Soap
Level 13
Established Presence
Super Ball
Level 14
Society Stalwart
Super Brush
Level 15
Famous Pet
Super Frisbee
Level 16
Media Darling
Super Skipping Rope
Level 17
High Profile Pet
Bigger House with four rooms, Plasma TV
Level 18
Lovely Soap
Level 19
Celebrity Pet
Golden Ball
Level 20
It Pet
Golden Brush
Level 21
A-List Pet
Golden Frisbee
Level 22
Renowned Pet
Golden Skipping Rope
Level 23
Superstar Pet
Bigger House with five rooms
Level 24
Hollywood Pet
Aqua Soap
Level 25
Megastar Pet
Pro Ball
Level 26
Platinum Pet
Crystal Brush
Level 27
Uberstar Pet
Star Frisbee
Level 28
Ultimate Achiever
Expert Skipping Rope
Level 29
Superb Pet
Bigger House with six rooms
Level 30
Heroic Pet
Golden Star Soap
Level 31
Royal Pet
Crystal Ball
Level 32
Historic Pet
Ruby Brush
Level 33
Super Pet
Gem Frisbee
Level 34
All-Time Great
Star Skipping Rope

Pet Society >>>Livelli